Record-a-thon: Uploading to the Internet Archive

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Here's information about how to upload recordings during the Record-a-thon:

1. Connect your video recorder to a computer that has a browser and access to the internet. There are several computer upload stations set up in the upstairs Board Room that you can use. If you are connecting with your own laptop, the free guest wifi is called “Internet Archive”.

2. Open a browser and go to this URL:

3. Log in with this information:

  • Email address:
  • Password: [This will be available on July 30]

4. Click on the blue ‘Share’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. A window will pop up. In the new window, navigate to find your video recording file, and click ‘Open’.

5. Fill out the following information about your recording:


  • Name the file Recordathon
  • Click in the ‘description’ box below the title.
  • Clicking the description box starts a search for available titles. You will be told that the title ‘Recordathon’ has already been taken, and a new title will be suggested – this will be ‘Recordathon’ followed by an underscore ( _ ) and a string of numbers. For example: Recordathon_123. Use the suggested title.


Describe your recording in a few sentences – what is it about?

Important! Avoid using accented or special characters in your description – it can break the code for your item and make it unavailable through the Internet Archive. If you really, really, really need to use one of these characters, there is a way – please consult with our upload volunteers.


Give keywords for the name of the language and dialect, or any other information that you think could be used in a search to find the recording in the Internet Archive. Each keyword must be separated by a comma, (ex. Cantonese, recipe)


A name for the person who operated the recording device. (The name of the speaker should be in the recording itself.)

6. Click ‘dedicate to the public domain’ (located next to ‘Creative Commons License’).

7. Click ‘Share My File’ (files larger than 100 Mb can take a few minutes to upload).

8. Click on the link below ‘Your page is ready!’

9. Done!

For remote participants:

For each uploaded recording, both the speaker and recorder will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad 2. When you upload a recording, write down the title (for example "Recordathon_123) and send the title and the names of your speaker(s) and recorder through chat to the volunteer staffing Cover it Live. The volunteer will give you your raffle number, which will go into the same drawing as all the in-person event participants. Starting at 5 pm Pacific Daylight Time, we'll hold our raffle drawing and will make the announcement of the winning ticket number through Cover it Live. You must be present (online) in Cover it Live to win. If we make the announcement and the holder of the selected ticket number is not present, we will draw again until someone who is present online or in the auditorium is selected as the winner. If you win, you'll need to provide us with your contact information and mailing address if you have not already done so.

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