Add a Word List to the 300 Languages Project

Significant amounts of machine-readable data exist for only a few of the 300 languages spoken by nearly 95% of the world’s population. The 300 Languages Project is taking the first steps toward democratizing language technology by collecting parallel text and audio for the rest. You can help us bridge the gap by contributing an audio recording of a simple word list in your language.

If you speak one of the following languages, follow the link, record yourself reading the list out loud (if you don't have recording software, try Audacity), and then email your recording to (you can also use a free file-sharing service) or submit it manually to our collection.

Catalan-Valencian-Balear Greek Portuguese
Chechen Gujarati Russian
Danish Hindi Sicilian
Dutch Italian Swedish
Finnish Japanese Tamil
French Kabardian Tatar
Galician Kannada Telugu
German Malayalam Western Panjabi

[Only read words in the target language (skip the English translations), and if a word appears on a list twice, read it only once.]

If you speak one of these languages and want to help, you can make a translation of the English word list and email it to

Awadhi Limburgish Occitan
Bashkort Lombard Spanish
Bavarian Mainfränkisch Swiss German
Bhojpuri Marathi Venetian
Chuvash Mirpur Panjabi Vlaams
Hunsrik Napoletano-Calabrese Walloon
Ligurian Norwegian

Email with questions.

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